Sex and Intimacy with Erectile Dysfunction

November 22, 2021 |

Millions of men experience some form of erectile dysfunction, the inability to obtain and maintain an erection. These difficulties with erections can make sex and intimacy seem unachievable, but there are several ways to navigate these issues.

While men who experience impotence may feel a drop in their self-confidence or other effects on their mental health, ED can also have a negative effect on their partners. A partner can feel like they are the problem, causing feelings of being unattractive or undesirable.

What Can You Do?

Talk to a Doctor

Speak with a doctor about the many treatment options for erectile dysfunction. They can help you identify the cause of your ED and decide which treatment could work for you. Limitless Male offers several treatments that are non-surgical and non-invasive. In many cases, ED is treatable.

ED can be linked to a number of health issues. In older men, blood vessel issues tend to be the cause of their ED, like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In younger men, the issue is more often a psychological cause, such as stress or depression.

Aside from seeking medical help, there are other things you and your partner can do that can ease some of the tension in the bedroom.

Have a Conversation

Discussing ED and the root cause, whether physical or mental, can help you and your partner bond and come to an understanding. Keeping an open line of communication between yourself and your partner is one of the most important things you can do to maintain intimacy in your relationship. 

Be Honest

Being honest in your communication will keep you and your partner on the same page. Men tend to keep their emotions or feelings to themselves, which may be what they feel inclined to do when something like ED happens.

If you are in a newer relationship, it may be difficult to talk about ED. A partner who is willing to listen and understand can make it easier to discuss your feelings and possible solutions to your goals. 

Exploring Intimacy with Erectile Dysfunction

Living with erectile dysfunction can result in anger, frustration, and a lack of intimacy. But, if you’re going through ED, it’s important to know that sexual intercourse isn’t the only way to be intimate with your partner.

Get Creative and Redefine Sex

Explore alternative techniques that can bring pleasure.  Broadening your definition of sex can help create more intimate moments and increase satisfaction with your relationship in general.

Pleasure over Performance

Sex is an important part of maintaining a healthy relationship, but it’s only one part of intimacy. Try sensate focus otherwise known as mindful touching that encourages sensual touching rather than sexual. The goal is to allow the person doing the touching to take in a variety of sensory experiences and to notice what they feel like, without any distractions or “shoulds”.

One person will take on the role of “toucher” and the other the “receiver,” then after 15 minutes, switch. Pay attention to each sensation. Once you’re done, share your experiences with each other.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

Low testosterone levels can cause impotence or make it worse. Through a blood test, your testosterone levels will determine whether TRT is the correct treatment for you. 

TRT can be delivered in several different ways — via injection, oral medication, patches, and creams. 

At Limitless, we administer TRT through injections. This method allows us to track and monitor your treatment and results better than other administration methods. 

Shockwave Therapy

LimitlessPulse™ is a painless and non-evasive procedure that sends shockwaves into the penile tissue. The shockwaves prompt the body to repair damaged blood vessels in the penis.  

Platelet-Rich-Plasma Therapy

Your blood contains platelets that promote healing and recovery from injury. LimitlessResurrect™ takes platelet-rich blood and injects it into the penis. The platelet-rich plasma promotes a healing response that revitalizes the penis. 


Communicating with a partner or a doctor is an excellent first step to intimacy in your relationship. While living with ED can prove to be a challenge, there are still ways to connect with your partner through other forms of intimacy.