How do I know if I have low testosterone?

Do you no longer recognize the man in the mirror? 1 in 4 men over 30 has low -t – many have no or minimal symptoms related to low-testosterone, and only 1 in 20 has clinical symptoms. How do you know if you could have low-testosterone?

Testosterone Quiz

Are you more moody, crabby or irritable than you used to be?
Do you have a lack of desire or interest in sex?
Do you have difficulties falling or staying asleep?
Are you having any sexual performance issues?
Do you lack motivation and drive for daily activities both at work and at home?
Are you experiencing decreased muscle strength and tone?
Do you feel like you are in a depressed mood or anxious?
Do you feel like you have nothing left in the tank when you get home from work?
Do you feel like you are just going through the motions?
Are you experiencing increasing weight or belly fat despite efforts with diet and exercise?

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Are you a candidate for our ED treatments and therapies

Are you able to get a spontaneous erection (morning wood)?
Can you get erection for penetrative intercourse?
Can you maintain the erection throughout intercourse?
Can you maintain an erection long enough to achieve orgasm?
Is your erection strength diminished or less than desirable?
Is your erection endurance diminished or less than desirable?
Has your desire for sexual activity diminished?
Are you able to achieve an erection with the frequency desired?
Are you and your partner satisfied with your erections?
Have you ever tried supplements or prescription drugs to enhance your erectile function?