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By Dr. Melissa Loseke

I’m Dr. Melissa Loseke and welcome to my blog. My goal with this blog is to educate on the health and wellness topics that affect men, their relationships, and their quality of life. I will be going into detail about testosterone symptoms, treatments, and how to talk to your significant other about not only your symptoms but getting care. Erectile dysfunction will also be a topic that I spend some time on as well as peptides and PRP. And let us know what you think and what else you might want to hear about. Two themes that you will see emerge…’Talk about It’ campaigns and regaining the ‘Fountain of You’. In my first post, I introduce myself and why I decided to become a doctor. Check it out, and stay tuned for more articles and education!

Making Excuses for Your Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Making Excuses for Your Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Let’s talk testosterone, specifically testosterone replacement. And before you stop reading, let’s be clear this is not your mama’s testosterone. It’s easy to roll your eyes and tune out when you hear the word testosterone. This is not the testosterone of 20 or 30...

Who is Dr. Melissa Loseke?

Two questions that I hear often in my career...why did you decide to be a doctor? And would you do it all over again? I can’t always articulate the why but the simple answer is because it’s what I was meant to be. And I say be, not do, because it is a part of me,...

What Are My Testosterone Treatment Options?

What Are My Testosterone Treatment Options?

Let’s talk about what to do now that you know your testosterone levels are low. What can you do? There is a multitude of options that exist out there to try and improve testosterone levels.  Not all are created equal and not all options are right for everyone. It is...

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