Limitless Male At Home

New Online Clinic in Kansas!

Limitless Male Medical Clinic is proud to announce the expansion of its services into a new online clinic! The Limitless Male At Home service will provide patients in Kansas access to testosterone replacement therapy, peptide treatment, sexual performance treatment options, and weight loss options from home.

Same great level of care as in clinic

Convenient online monthly appointments with provider from the comfort of your home.

Monthly lab draw done at a facility near you

Approval for HSA/FSA payment

Safe. Personalized. Professional.

Limitless Male At Home will create a personalized plan for your specific needs because we know there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to men’s health.

How It Works

Schedule your Online Appointment

Lab draws and initial appointment: $75
Initial Appointment Only: $25

Get your labs drawn at a designated facility

If labs not done with initial appointment, a $75 lab draw is required prior to second appointment.

Meet with a provider from the comfort of your home

Limitless Male at Home will accept credit, HSA or FSA payments. Online services are not covered by insurance.

Don't Forget to Schedule your Appointment Today!

Are you a candidate for our ED treatments and therapies

Are you able to get a spontaneous erection (morning wood)?
Can you get erection for penetrative intercourse?
Can you maintain the erection throughout intercourse?
Can you maintain an erection long enough to achieve orgasm?
Is your erection strength diminished or less than desirable?
Is your erection endurance diminished or less than desirable?
Has your desire for sexual activity diminished?
Are you able to achieve an erection with the frequency desired?
Are you and your partner satisfied with your erections?
Have you ever tried supplements or prescription drugs to enhance your erectile function?