Deficiency of HGH in adults can lead to insomnia, sleep issues, joint pain, mental clarity and focus issues, weight gain, lack of muscle, baldness and more. Peptides can slow and reverse the aging process along with repair properties. Am I a candidate for HGH replacement therapy with Peptides?

Am I deficient in Human Growth Hormone?

Do you struggle with insomnia or restless sleep?
Do you have an increase in weight gain and abdominal fat?
Do you find it more difficult to lose weight?
Have you noticed an increase in joint pain or daily aches and pains?
Is feeling and looking young important to you?
Do you find that muscle tone and strength are lower than desired, despite efforts in the gym?
Do you find that it takes longer to recover from injuries and exercise?
Do you have a difficult time concentrating?
Are you noticing more illnesses such as colds, that you struggle to recover from quickly?
Do you struggle to stay on your ‘A’ game at work?

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Are you a candidate for our ED treatments and therapies

Are you able to get a spontaneous erection (morning wood)?
Can you get erection for penetrative intercourse?
Can you maintain the erection throughout intercourse?
Can you maintain an erection long enough to achieve orgasm?
Is your erection strength diminished or less than desirable?
Is your erection endurance diminished or less than desirable?
Has your desire for sexual activity diminished?
Are you able to achieve an erection with the frequency desired?
Are you and your partner satisfied with your erections?
Have you ever tried supplements or prescription drugs to enhance your erectile function?