Delay Wipes

Don't let premature ejaculation ruin your sex life.

Kronos Delay Wipes

The key to lasting longer
in the bedroom.

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The Best Way To Last Longer In Bed

Our delay wipes have been clinically proven the most effective at reducing sensation without eliminating it altogether.

Convenient, easy to apply, and can be found at your local Limitless Male Medical Clinic!

 The 3.5% benzocaine will reduce stimulation without eliminating it altogether. That’s better for your endurance.

According to a study by Journal of Men’s Health, the time to orgasm during intercourse is just 75 seconds. Benzocaine wipes increased this to nearly three minutes after one month of use and 5+ minutes at the two-month mark. That’s a 340% increase in pleasure you can experience with your partner right now!

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